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Falls jemand einen LATM Decoder sucht ist foglendes vermutlich interessant:

Some time ago I’ve been told that there is a blank spot in free aac decoders - LATM support. And since LATM broadcasts have appeared recently in Europe I’ve decided to take a closer look at it. This filter is based on the widely used libFAAD2 library and should be able to decode most of AAC streams.


* Support for Raw, ADTS, LATM streams
* 1-6 channels
* Can initialize dynamically (without specifying decoder specific info in media type negotiation process)
* Dynamic format changes
* GNU GPL with sources

AAC Decoder

Currently the filter accepts only several media types as offered by Elecard demultiplexor. If you happen to find some more don’t hesitate and tell me. At the moment I did not have any LATM + HE-AAC files so I cannot guarantee that this combination will work. But as soon as I get my hands on such file I’ll implement missing HE-AAC parsing stuff.

Again… this filter was compiled with Visual Studio 2005 SP1, so please download the SP1 Redistributable Package before yelling that it’s not working.

You can download sources here : mm_aac_dec_0.9.0.0_src.zip (662 KB)

You can download binaries here : mm_aac_dec_0.9.0.0_bin.zip (183 KB)

Please give me some feedback so I’d know whether it’s working or not.


Quelle: http://blog.monogram.sk/janos/2008/01/03...-decoder-v0900/

Cu Selur

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*offizielles deutsches flaskmpeg & dvdtoogm board* » *codecs* » MONOGRAM AAC ( und LATM) Decoder - updates

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